• A 5. There were some touchy moments and weird circumstances, but Thomas guided us through.
    Peter M.
  • We have already recommended Thomas to our friends and would do so again. Thomas was very patient and able to explain real estate without being condescending. He was also very understanding that everyone is not a one size fits all consumer. Thanks Thomas!
    Adam G.
  • Thomas effectively helped us throughout our property search and closing process. First and foremost, during the search, he used our guidelines and wantlist to turn us on to a new neighborhood we hadn’t previously considered. He never pressured us to change our wantlist, price range, or any other area of our search. In fact, we found our current home because he turned our eyes to a new area, while also fully respecting our price range. Second, his advice for our offer was accurate and helpful, given that we initially had a different expectation for our offer. He helped us form an offer that needed little negotiation and lead to quick acceptance. Finally, we had a bumpy closing process, but Thomas helped us to understand the situation and keep us in contact with the seller to keep the contract going. For these particular reasons, Thomas was an excellent agent, and we will recommend his services.
    Nicholas Z.
  • Thomas was terrific! He always responded to our calls and emails quickly, and he was patient and encouraging with us when our home-buying process hit some unexpected snags.
    Oliver G.
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    Michael S.
  • Overall Thomas did a great job! He excels at listening, creative problem solving, negotiating, and getting both sides to common ground.
    Dianne G.
  • Thomas was fantastic! He paid close attention to our needs, was always very responsive and found us the perfect place! We’ve been here for 8 months and love it! He is fantastic!
    Jason G.
  • Thomas worked hard to sell my unit. He helped me to overcome significant obstacles with my condo association.
    Steve T.
  • Thomas is very professional and always willing to find the perfect place for all your needs.
    Sergio A.
  • Thomas had worked on an investment property for my partner a few years prior. So when we decided it was time to expand to a simgle family home in the city, he was the first person we thought of. He spent many weekends over the next 5 months working to learn the differences between our needs & our preferences . . . and did so quite well. He demonstrated a great deal of patience and applied the right amount of pressure when it was necessary. Five months and countless houses later, we bought the very first house he showed us. Thomas was excellent to work with, and also continued on to help me sell a highrise condo in just under 12 weeks. At a time when there were many other units availble in my building, I was very happy with the result.
    Scott H.
  • Thomas was great! Took all of our considerations into mind.
    Craig H.